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Royalty Line 25-Piece Knife Set in Leather Brief-Case 

To be a good cook, you need not only good ideas but also dishes of good facilities ...
If you have always had a weakness for good food, this is the perfect tools for successful culinary missions everyday. This bag contains a multitude of knives, chopper, sharpener and other accessories for various meals and foods so you can cook like a chef in any circumstance. 
All you need right now to innovate to prepare real delicacies and share them with your loved ones.

Set includes:
- Chef Knife 24cm
- Bread knife 20cm
- Meat knife 22cm
- Cleaver 16 cm
- Universal knife 23cm
- Fork Support 16cm
- Sharpener 19cm
- Carving knife 14cm
- Pairing knife 10 cm
- Steak knives (6 piece)
- Forks (6 piece)
- Chicken scissors
- Scissors
- Cheese Knife
- Pizza Knife
- Leather suitcase with code combination lock

Model: RL-K25LB