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Non-Stick Marble Coating

Durable & Light Die Cast Body


Dishwasher Safe

Removable Silicone Handles


Use & Care Instructions

Thank you for choosing our product. Your cookware is a state of art creation with an advanced interior Marble Coating. Please read through this manual carefully for proper usage and caring procedures.

Pre-Conditioning Your Cookware

Upon removing all labels, gently wash and rinse your cookware with mild detergent and water. After, dry your cookware with a soft cloth. Condition the cookware with a little vegetable oil and wipe the excess. Periodic conditioning can maintain your cookware’s non-stick performance.

Cleaning Instructions

Immediately after cooking, cool your cookware on a heat resistant surface. Do not attempt to cool it by pouring cold water into the hot cookware. Should there be dried on food stains, soak your cookware in hot water before proceeding.

Clean your cookware with mild detergent and hot water. Ideally use non-abrasive cleaning products designed for non-stick surfaces. Our cookware is designed to give you maximum performance with minimum effort.

Hand washing in hot, soapy water is usually sufficient to clean the cookware. Alternatively, you can clean your cookware with dishwasher. We advise you to wash it with your hands for a longer product life.

Usage Reminders

Do not use extreme high heat on your cookware.

Avoid using hard sponge and sharp metal kitchen utensils such as forks and knives on the inner coating.

Do not leave an empty cookware on a hot burner or in a heated oven after finished cooking.

Position handles away from direct heat.

Do not keep hot oil unattended on the cookware.

Do not store food in your cookware after cooking, instead use another container.